Index 2XL Plug-In ReadMe

The Ansur Index 2XL Plug-In is an add-on module for the Ansur Test Automation software application. The Plug-In is used in conjunction with the Index 2XL SpO2 Simulator to provide test automation capabilities using the Ansur PC software.




This ReadMe file outlines changes to each subsequent version of Ansur Index 2XL Plug-In relative to the previous released version.

  NOTE: Requires Ansur Executive v2.9.6 or newer.



This chapter describes the changes made between each new released version.

Release 1.0.5

  • Bug fix for the French language.
  • Changed the file names from M1190 and M1191 to M1191 Old and M1191 New respectively.
  • Removed sending multiple times of version command to fasten the execution of the test.

Release 1.0.4

  • Support for both comma and period as decimal points.
  • If you exit the Custom R-Curve Utility without saving changes you will get a warning with the option to save the data.

Release 1.0.3

  • Initial release.
  • Implemented TLC.
  • Included pre-defined R-curve files.
  • Used SaxComm control instead of MSComm control for communication with Index 2XL in order to support more COM ports.
  • Plug-In works with laptop + docking station.
  • Included templates and user manual.

Release 1.0.0

  • Index 2XL Plug-In works with Ansur executive v2.8.4 and higher.
  • Beta release.


Language Changes

This chapter describes the changes made to the language file in each new version.
The list includes only versions where the language file was changed.

Release 1.0.3

  • Added: 20043, 21048, and 21079 to 21084.
  • Modified: 20002, 21036, 21038, and 21072.

Release 1.0.2

  • Added: 21071, 21072, 21073, 21074, 21075, 21076, 21077 and 21078.
  • Modified: 21070, and 21034 to 21045.

Release 1.0.1

  • Added: 21069, and 21070.

Release 1.0.0

  • Initial revision.


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